Simplified stormwater compliance to empower communities and inform change

Reporting & Planning
Quantified progress, transparent communication, and strategic decision making with
Structural BMPs
Inspect and manage structural stormwater assets using
Inspect, document and enforce illicit discharges with
Street Sweeping
Track pollutant control effectiveness of street sweeping programs
Track inspections of Industrial General Permits and commercial properties
Outfall Monitoring
Urban outfall monitoring network design, data analysis and results
Low Impact Development
Manage and track regulated development using
Track effectiveness of urban litter controls using
Inspect and manage construction projects
Public Engagement
Document community outreach materials and activities
Receiving Water Monitoring
Monitoring design and data integration for TMDL reporting

US Patent Application 15/653,382 Systems and Methods for Event-based Modelling of Runoff and Pollutant Benefits of Sustainable Stormwater Management.